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I couldn't stop laughing...



Nancy’s Story…

Hello, my name is Nancy Alexander.  I am a “Southern Girl” born and raised in Anderson, South Carolina.  I am an artisan, a dreamer, a floral and interior designer, an entrepreneur, and a lover of nature.  I have been named; a world-renowned wreath-maker… because, I LOVE MAKING UNIQUELY DIFFERENT AND BEAUTIFUL WREATHS!

I have been blessed with many “artsy” and creative talents in my life.  I’m also blessed to have married the man of my dreams, my true-love, Stephen, forty-one years ago.  I am totally in love with God, my husband, and my family which consists of two strong, Christian young men, their beautiful wives, and four “Amazing Grandchildren”!

So Blessed to be Married to the Love of my Life!


God is my strength, my peace, and my courage.  I love being an artist.  I love making door wreaths, going to yard sales, painting and distressing old furniture, and working in my garden.  I also love teaching others how to make a wreath through the workshops we now have in my studio!   God has so richly blessed me with JOY and His GRACE.

I found my passion and talent designing & making door wreaths almost thirty years ago.  This led me to purchase an upscale silk floral and design business in my hometown.  During the time I owned “The Straw Basket”, my business expanded into multiple locations with as many as eight employees at one time.  This was fun, it was hard work, and stressful because the entire time, I was fighting a debilitating, chronic illness.  I overcame Fibromyalgia and Celiac to teach others to make and sell wreaths on the Internet through my coaching site Anything made with your own hands can be such an exciting and fulfilling hobby!

Nancy Alexander, Ladybug Wreaths


My life has been guided by my health — or lack thereof.  I became sick when I was twenty-eight years old with two small children.  No one knew what was wrong, especially the many doctors I put my trust in over the years.  I spent over three years in bed, and then couldn’t even drive a car for almost five years.  I was in severe pain every day and prayed faithfully every day that God would heal me; I prayed that He would lead me to a diagnosis, and I prayed for my family who were impacted and suffering from my illness just as I was.

My prayers were answered — but in God’s timing, not mine.  And, His timing for me was twenty-five years later.

I struggled and fought my way back — I really fought.  During these years, I read, I researched, I prayed, I saw many doctors, I took drug after drug that was prescribed (many of which I had adverse reactions to), but there was no answer.  There would be seasons when I was better and could work the sixty to seventy hours a week.  Then, other times, I could hardly get out of bed.

Finally in 2003, Steve and I knew it was time for me to close my business.  I could no longer handle the work-load and the stress.  We were building a new home at the time, so we designed a spacious custom studio right across the breezeway.  I didn’t know if I would ever be able to work in it, but I was always hopeful.

During this time, I was still reading and studying anything I could find on the Internet about my symptoms, as well as trying many supplements which my research made me think would help.  They did!! I began to improve.  I began to work again.  Oh, I was far from being well, but the changes for me were significant.

Nancy & Steve

And… I can Laugh!!! Laughter used to be so painful, that I didn’t laugh.


I had NEVER sold anything online before, but started reading about eBay. I had no help, but I read and studied everything I could get my hands on for an entire month. Then, spent the next three months learning how to promote and sell my wreaths on the Internet. Finally, I was ready to list some wreaths.

The very first e-Book I ever read was written by Jim Cockrum, the most trusted, and well-known Internet Entrepreneur online today. Jim is now a dear friend and mentor. His first book, “The Silent Sales Machine” helped me as I was researching how to sell my wreaths effectively. I enjoy being a member of both of his coaching sites: My Silent Team, and Offline Biz.

Jim now has a new “best-selling” book, “FREE Marketing 101″ and has written about me and my success in his newly released book. Jim and I have talked quite often about “Divine Appointments”, and the fact that I believe he was sent into my life to encourage, teach, and inspire me; while Jim says I inspire him more than he inspires me.


Soon, things really began to happen for me.  Ladybug Wreaths was born!  I already knew how to make door wreaths — beautiful ones!  They began to sell.  My online reputation was growing very quickly.  In a few short months, I became a “Power Seller” on eBay.  Soon I had my own website, and we were shipping wreaths all over the world.

As my business grew, so did my faith in God, and my determination to finally get a diagnosis.  I had begun to suspect what it was from my research on the computer, so I made myself an appointment with a specialist at a large women’s hospital in a nearby town.  She confirmed my suspicions — I was suffering from a very severe, chronic case of Fibromyalgia.

Several years more passed with many ups and downs in my health as my Internet business flourished.  Then, about five years ago, I was led (by “Divine Appointment” again) to a marvelous Nutritionist who has literally saved my life!

She found that I also had been born with Celiac Disease.  It is what caused my Fibromyalgia as well as various other health problems.

Chronic illnesses are a severe problem.  Pain was the main focus of my life for so long.  It colored the way I thought and felt, and reacted to the world around me.  If I had not received help from this amazing, caring doctor when I did, I probably would not be here today, or, if I was, I would most certainly be in a wheel chair.


So, having said all of this, I feel my goal or mission in my life is to make a difference in the lives of others by teaching them a hobby or business that makes a difference; a hobby that gives you a reason to get out of bed in the morning; one that wakes you up with such a start of anticipation that you just cannot lie in bed, no matter how badly you feel.

I want your brain to start spinning with excitement, energizing your body in such a way that you cannot wait to work on your special project for the day!  I want to encourage you to appreciate the beauty found around you in a smile, in nature, and in those who are dear to you as you learn how to make a door wreath.

YOU CAN DO THIS – has been my slogan!  Even in my weakest, darkest times, I could find a few minutes, then a few hours, and then even days when I could get my mind on something fun and exciting, which then made the energy follow!  Yes, Yes, YOU certainly CAN do this too!

Philippians 4:13 says:  “I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me”.  And, thanks to “Him” I finally can!

A friend, Molly wrote this in her blog, it expresses my thoughts and feelings in an amazing way:

“By picking up the pieces of a broken life and putting them back together, a person cannot help but be changed. This change is a beautiful thing that results in a deeper understanding of others and their situations, and gives us a chance to share our experiences with them, showing them that there is a way out — a light at the end of the tunnel.” “I believe that I have not just been broken, but put back together by God in a beautiful way — a way that I could have never imagined on my own”



I am blessed every time I look into my husband’s eyes and see how much he cherishes me.  I am blessed when our home is filled with our boys, their wives, and our four precious grandchildren running around calling, “Mimi come outside and play with me.”  “Mimi, do you have a surprise for me?”  “Mimi, read a story to me.”

Technically, I still have Fibromyalgia, and will always have Celiac Disease.  I eat exactly what I need to eat on my Celiac diet.  I take supplements my Dr. says will help and even cure my body.  We are SO blessed!  Please let me encourage you and teach you to do something in your life which will bring a smile along with a sense of accomplishment!  And, together… “We Will Sing Until The Whole World Hears…”

PS:  Steve and I attend the fastest growing church in the United States,, in Anderson, SC.  Just recently, Steve and I were honored to be asked to sing in the choir at our church.  New Spring now has eight locations, and services are broadcast all over the world.  Just this past Easter, 29,000 people attended services at New Spring (that is not counting thousands more watching online through podcasts), and over 1,000 were saved!

So Very Happy...


So, Steve and I were honored to be asked to sing in a choir of 25 to 30 people since New Spring only has a choir once to twice a year.  Sure, I was nervous knowing how many people we would be singing in front of, and I normally am not a “singer” like my husband.  But, I sang to praise my Lord and Savior — I sang only to “Him”!

You’ll never guess the name of the song we sang…”OVERCOME”!

57 Responses to “My Story”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Hi Nancy

    Again it was so nice to read you story. It inspires me to keep going with my fibromyalgia as well. Some days are tougher than others but got to take the good with the bad. I am so pleased to hear that you’re at a point in your life that your disease has let you create such beautiful wreaths with joy, happiness,and a little less pain. Your truly are a inspiration and I hope that I can create beautiful wreaths just like yours someday with my own special twist to make them just a bit more of my own:) not that your wreaths need any tweaking cause they are absolutely GORGEOUS! It’s just nice to be able to add something special so that people can identify my work as my own apart from other beautiful work. May god continue blessing you with renewed health, happiness, love and more creativity than you can handle:)
    Thank you

  2. Nancy Says:

    Thank you so much Rachel for your kind comments. I am very happy that I can in some way be an inspiration to you when your fibromyalgia is flaring up.

    An author is writing a book of My Story, and in it, we will talk about what helped me. I was allergic to so many foods, so I do not eat them now, and am very happy not to, knowing that I’ll feel better leaving them off.

    It is a good idea to come up with wreaths that are truly your own. It has been my desire all along to teach others the basics, and then have them create using their own style and inspiration.

    Thanks for visiting, and for leaving me a note! Smiles… Nancy

  3. Nancy Skinner Says:

    I knew when I watched your video on YouTube that you were a good ole southern girl! I live in Woodruff SC about 20 or 30 minutes on the other side of Greenville, and have relatives in Anderson. My great nephew attends NewSpring in Greenville, he is on the team that sets up and tears down everything for the worship service. Enjoyed your life story and thankful for the progress you have made. I wondered if you ever have any classes in Anderson. You are such a good teacher. Best regards to you and yours. Nancy Skinner

  4. Leisa Says:

    Hi Nancy
    I am sorry I will miss attending the Anderson Women’s Brunch to hear your presentation.
    My 18 yr. old daughter has fibromyalgia please let me know what supplements she should take and or the Dr. you recommend we see. We live in the Wren School area.
    She has been eating gluten free for 6mos now but her daily pain is overwhelming.

    Thank you!

  5. Nancy Says:

    Hi Leisa,

    The supplements your daughter should take are different for everyone, depending on whatever is going on in her body. She definitely needs to see a VERY GOOD nutritionist who will do blood work, and then suggest what to take.

    It is a combination of diet and supplements. I, certainly am not qualified to tell you what she should take, but I know you can get help for her. Try contacting Dr. Bernadette Saviano, in Atlanta, Georgia, and see if she is taking new patients….

    Good luck! Nancy

  6. Nancy Says:

    Nancy, if you will send me an email to: requesting that your name be added to my coaching list, then you will be contacted as soon as they begin. We are making many changes in my business right now which will include many types of classes and coaching.

    Smiles… Nancy

  7. Judy B Rooney Says:

    It has been such a blessing to read your testimony and visit your site.I am prepering to sell my crafts via an etsy site and praying for courage to branch out. May God Bless you!

  8. Nancy Says:

    Thank you so much Judy. It is nice to hear that you are branching out! CONGRATULATIONS! Nancy

  9. Shirley Lendborg Says:

    Dear Nancy, It was such a joy to find you on UTUBE. I am always blessed when even before you hear someones testimony that you see the love of Jesus in their eyes and heart. May God continue to fill you and use you for His glory. Thank you for the wonderful tutorials you share. Love in Christ Shirley

  10. Maryann Says:

    Hi Nancy,
    I also saw you on you tube and loved your beautiful work, and think you are just about the sweetest lady! Many congratulations on being married for 40 years. I wish for you and your husband many more happy and healthy years to
    come. I am so looking forward to your newsletters.I used to do florals and wreaths at craft shows, but can no longer do it. I have developed some health problems that prevent me from continuing, sadly.
    Well, Nancy, it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance, and may God bless you.
    Hugs, Maryann

  11. Nancy Says:

    Thanks for your comment Maryann! I’m happy to hear you enjoy my newsletters. Sorry to hear about your health problems, and pray that you are better soon!

    It has been a pleasure to meet you too! God Bless…

    Smiles… Nancy

  12. Candee Says:

    Your testimony to our Lord is great. All I can say is Amen. I just sold my gift and coffee shop and will be a almost at home woman(still drive a school bus route) for the first time in my life. I will be 61 next week. I think the Lord drew me to your sight for inspiration . I just didn’t know if I could not be quite so busy all the time. I have signed up for your newsletter. Praise the Lord He is good!

  13. Nancy Says:

    Thank you Candee for the sweet post. Yes, the Lord is very intuitive, and sends the right people into our lives at just the right times.

    Congratulations on your retirement! I’ll bet you’re busier than you were before!

    Smiles… Nancy

  14. Kathy Cardwell Says:

    Hi Nancy,
    I discovered you and your weath making maybe a year ago now and was really inspired by your work, your dedication to your family and to God. I have been making wreaths for probably 5-6 years now but have not really launched a business so to speak others than having a booth at a craft antique mall and selling to friends, family and others through connections. I have mostly done custom made ones that individuals have requested certain things to be added to the wreaths. Why I am writing is mostly because I have been amazed at how many similarities we have after reading more of your life over the past year. I too was diagnosed about 4 years ago fibromyalgia and was in quite a bit of pain at that time, the symptoms had gone away and until this very week I had not experienced again. I refused to let it get the best of me then and did not even fill the prescription of Lyrica the doctor gave me, I was just relieved to have somewhat of an answer since you can’t really test for it but by eliminating other diseases … So I said to myself I may have it or not and decided to think positive and not accept it. Today I find myself gearing up again to fight it and I will… A few other similarities we have, my husband too is in a band and has such musical talent and has for years, I think you have a grandson named Lucas, I too, he is almost 3yrs old in Jan. coming up and I have another grandchild who was born a preemie and almost died several times but she survived to which we are overwhelmingly blessed, she was is the hospital shy of one year, came home one week befor she turned 1 year old, thanks to Angel OnWings … We are truly blessed and I just wanted to share those things because I too believe God directs our paths and for some reason I found you on the Internet and have been blessed with your work and stories ever since… May God continue to bless you and your family..

  15. Nancy Says:

    Kathy… All I can say is WOW! You’re right… there are so many similarities in our lives. Isn’t it something the way God leads his children together. I am sorry that you are having to fight fibro, but I know you can do it.

    Find a good traditionalist, take the right supplements, and eat the right foods. I know this will help.

    Blessings, Nancy

    PS: Thanks for taking time to send me your amazing story. I do know you can do it!

  16. Sondra Morton Says:

    I feel after seeing and listening to you in your videos that you would be a good friend. You are such a strong woman who has obviously overcome some definite health issues. My husband and I are trying to be gluten free even though we do not have Celiac disease. I marvel how you figured out what was making you ill. Your wreaths are beautiful and I will definitely try to do some on my own with your help. I wish you well.

  17. Nancy Says:

    Thank you so much Sondra for the comment. I am glad you found me and my sites! I don’t consider myself a strong woman, but I kept fighting and never gave up out of desperation. Gluten, soy, milk, and so much more that I had eaten all my life definitely made me sick. I congratulate you on going gluten-free. Even without having Celiac disease, I’m sure you will be much healthier!

    You will love making wreaths. You know… I have never come across anyone that didn’t love this craft once they tried it!

    Thanks again, and nice to meet you! Nancy

  18. Sondra Morton Says:

    I have to tell you my success with making bows due to your free video I received by email. I watched you make 4 bows which all turned out to be beautiful. I have since made 2 for my staircase that are prettier than the pre-made bows I purchased a few years ago. I was thrilled. So, I decided to tackle a tree topper, and it, too, turned out so pretty. I thank you so much for your lessons and will continue to follow you on your many talents. God bless you.

  19. Nancy Says:

    Thank you Sondra for you note. I am always thrilled to hear about my customer’s successes! Sounds like you are doing great! You’d better watch out — you’ll be making bows for everyone before you know it! Smiles… Nancy

  20. wendy Says:

    hi nancy,
    found your you tube videos by accident whilst looking for inspiraiton for some new wreath ideas to make in my flower shop over in yorkshire, england, love your positive approach to everthing and the way you show exactly how to do something. i have been making christmas wreaths for many years now and i still learnt some new ideas from your videos, hope you continue for many more happy years with your lovely family, if you ever come to england call in our interflora flower shop in leeds, god bless wendy

  21. Rosaura Rodgers Says:

    Hello to every one, it’s truly a fastidious for me to visit this website, it consists of helpful Information.|

  22. Connie Says:

    I read your story again today and I am so encouraged seeing all have you have accomplished.
    I have been making wreaths and floral arrangements for the craft group at my church. They are sold at the craft fair the first weekend in November. All the proceeds go to charity. It’s a great group of ladies (and one man).
    I am learning so much from you I just had to thank you for all you do. I can relate to the health struggles you have had to endure as I have multiple sclerosis. Once again thank you and God bless you.
    Connie Ross
    Johns Creek Georgia
    (my oldest daughter and her family live in Columbia,SC so perhaps one day I will be able to meet you in person)

  23. Mary Says:

    Hi Nancy, I too am from Anderson and ran across you on you tube.I love your work, it is so beautiful.I love making my own wreaths and have sold a few here and there.God has truly given you a gift and I pray he continues to bless you. Mary

  24. Bernice P Says:

    Hi Nancy, I just watched your video making a wreath with 2 ribbons.. it was absolutely beautiful. I tried to sign up for your newsletter, etc. The information said I would get a note to confirm that I really wanted to be added to your list. I never received the note and when I tired to to sign up again, it said I was already registered. I just wanted to confirm that I am indeed signed up.
    I also read your story and I admire your faith in the Lord.. he is truly good to us. Thank you

  25. Nancy Says:

    Bernice, if you received a note that you were already signed up, then that is all you need to do.

    Look forward to having you on our mailing list. Welcome!

    Our newsletter didn’t go out this weekend, as we were all with family, but you’ll receive one next week for the new year.

    Smiles… Nancy

  26. Nancy Says:

    Thanks Mary… I’m happy you found me.

    God has blessed me, as I’m sure He will you also!

    Welcome! Nancy

  27. Nancy Says:

    Thanks for you comment, Connie. I am thrilled to know that I may have encouraged you in some way!

    God Bless you and your family also!

    Smiles… Nancy

  28. Nancy Says:

    Thank you Rosaura, and Welcome!


  29. Nancy Says:

    Hi Wendy… nice to meet you! From England, huh? How exciting.

    Keep watching our videos, and our sites… we have many new and exciting plans for the new year.

    Smiles… Nancy

  30. DeeAnna Kasher Says:

    Dear Nancy, I am a flight attendant and fly internationally. I am blessed to have a job which takes me all over. I, too am the artsy type and LOVE to paint, decorate and have begun to make wreaths!!!. This past Christmas, as I was bringing down my decorations from the attic, I discovered my beautiful wreath had been attacked by some critter that literally ate the fake red berries off my wreath. So, I took everything that was left off and made a new one using the new deco mesh and some beautiful Christmas balls. I amazed myself at how it looked. My neighbor came over and was so impressed, saying I should make and sell them. I ALMOST made a huge order for deco mesh online…a little voice said to hold on a few days. As I was looking at decorating sites, I was divinely sent to your website and am going to order your book on vendors. Wow I’m getting goose bumps as I am writing this. I, too, believe our Lord directs people to us. I feel He put your website in front of me before I pushed the button on that order!!! He was saying to first see where to order things before I start my new adventure. Your story brought tears to my eyes and I feel such a connection to you. My husband, Paul and I are celebrating 21 years on Valentine’s Day. Our children are 3 Scottish Terriers. Barney, Sparkey and Zoey. I can’t wait to receive your book and get started!!!

  31. Michelle Knight Says:

    Hi Nancy,

    I have had my own event flower business for a few years, this year I felt the Lord was telling me to go for it! We have 3 teenagers, so our lives are crazy busy, but God has blessed my business! Just today I decided to pull out my totes of silks and make some wreaths to sell. It’s by no mistake that I have wandered onto your site. Thanks for the encouragement and the inspiration!

  32. Nancy Says:

    Thank you so much Michelle for your comment.

    And… congratulations! Go for it. You’re right, I don’t believe in mistakes like this either — just Divine Interventions!

    I will pray that this will work out to be a wonderful business opportunity for you! Keep in touch…

    Smiles… Nancy

  33. Nancy Says:

    Thank you DeeAnna for your note. And, I truly believe it was a Divine Intervention which sent you to my site.

    I am so happy you didn’t place that big order. I have a wonderful place to order Deco Mesh from, and their minimum order is only $75.00. They ship very quickly.

    You will find out about them, and others in my Secret Vendor List! And, in the next few months, we will be doing another re-write, so you’ll receive that version free.

    Oh, and Happy 21st Anniversary to you and Paul!

    Smiles… Nancy

    Keep in touch so we’ll know how you’re doing!

  34. Susan Williams Says:

    Hi, Nancy!
    Wow, I’m so glad I ran up on your website & read your testimony!A few mo. ago I started making deco wreaths,along with my other things & love it! I saw your smile on Etsy as I was visiting shops one day,& I thought, no one can bring a smile like that except the Lord!We have a lot in common,but my story goes back to depression & breast cancer(18 yrs.ago!)I’ve been married 41yrs!2 chilren,5 GRANDS,live in Landrum(from Spartanburg orig.)Neighbors we R! You r just wonderful & inspiring & I praise God for your healing! Our Son & family go to New Spring in Spartanburg,we r planning to visit! MUst be wonderful there! God bless you & yours & for the Lord using you in such a mighty way!
    Smiles to you, also! Susan >
    Can’t wait to see your book!

  35. Janet Baker Says:

    I don’t know how your site showed up on my Facebook page, but since it did I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your post. I am also from the south-Louisiana. I am a teacher, but also enjoy making wreaths. I plan to develop my floral business when and if I retire. I’m in my 35th year of teaching, and have suffered from fibromyalgia for the past 20 years. I understand your pain. So glad that you have found relief. Than you for your release of vending sources. Plan to order your book.
    In God’s love,

  36. Nancy Says:

    Thank you Janet for the sweet comment! Sounds like you’ll have some fun awaiting you when you retire. I do hope that your fibromyalgia improves.

    You’re welcome! I want to do everything I can to help my students!

    Look forward to talking again, and thanks for visiting!

    Smiles… Nancy

  37. Nancy Says:

    Hi Susan,

    Great to have you visiting on my site. You bring a smile to my face as I am reading your post… :o)

    Sounds like you are a very busy lady with a wonderful family — congratulations!

    Really? Your son goes to New Spring? What a small world. It certainly is a wonderful place to worship – and we would love to have you join us.

    Our son, Matt, is the production director for the New Spring Charleston campus. As you can imagine, that keeps him very busy — but he loves it.

    Smiles to you too! Nancy

  38. Lisa McKeithan Says:

    Just read your testimony and it really hit home. God does put people in our path for a reason. I am a nurse and I too love to make wreaths (Me and My Kid Crafts on Facebook) I have been struggling with pain all over for the last couple of years and fatique, I have been tested for MS and so far no definite diagnosis. Some days are better than others, but this past November I got the flu followed by double pneumonia and it seems like it has gone in a tailspin and I had to quit my job of a public health nurse of 11 yrs, because I couldn’t hold out for a full day. I usually start the day feeling pretty good except for being a little achy and by the end of the day I am almost in tears and so tired It takes all I got to get dinner cooked. I get the feeling from my neurologist and primary care dr, that at times they don’t beleave what I am saying because the test are coming back neg. for all the things they have tested me for. Love your wreaths, they are gorgeous! I am putting my wreath making and my health in Gods hands, for he is the professional of all things and I am sure it will all work out.

  39. Nancy Says:

    Lisa, I’m sorry to hear you are having so many problems. You’re right, God crosses our paths for a reason!

    Don’t give up, keep going to doctors, and especially a good nutritionist who can help you. I have learned what I eat is so important and makes such a difference in my life.

    I pray that your wreath making skills get to be tested and used very soon!

    God Bless! Nancy

  40. Sandra Shaw Says:

    I have been praying that the Lord direct me in whether or not I should attempt to sell deco mesh wreaths online. I wish I could attend some classes (Fort Worth, TX!). My husband, a former pastor, was struck with a treatment resistant form of bi-polar disorder and has not been able to preach or teach for about 20 years (we have been married 30 years); he has had 3 back surgeries and is in terrible pain all the time; he had a colonectomy, prostate cancer (2 surgeries) and other ailments that keep bearing down on him. It’s a difficult road but I continue to pray and EXPECT God to heal him. I recently came across a supplement that I believe God led me to. He has only been on it 3 weeks and I feel like he may have to take it, maybe, a good year before we know if it will do anything. We too are trusting in the Lord. I’m still seeking the Lord’s direction for what I should do because we need extra income because of all the medical expenses that keep mounting. You all are terrific inspirations; it is so good to link up with Christians. Nancy, you’re testimony had me, almost bouncing in my chair with excitement. What a Lady in the Lord you are. Blessings to all of you in the name of Jesus Christ

  41. Nancy Says:

    Thank you Sandra for your comment.

    I am so sorry that you and your husband have had to go through all the stress and pain of his illness.

    I know it is a difficult road, and pray that He will heal your husband also.

    I am happy that you found me, and that I gave you some hope. I have many FREE videos on YouTube which could help you learn to start making wreaths. Maybe this would bring in some extra income for your family. It is:

    I wish you both Blessings, and pray that the supplement you came across will make a huge difference in your lives.

    God Bless, Nancy

    PS: if you haven’t yet signed up to be on my newsletter list, you can do so on this site. You’ll receive a free eBook on wreath design which may also help you.

  42. Geri Wheeler Says:

    Nancy, Hi, just found your website. I just started to make wreaths. I am 71 years young and have retired from 50 yeas of being a nurse. I am excited about the weaths and will learn from your instructions. I too fight fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. I am in pain EVERYDAY in one way or the other, I remain as positive as I can. You are an inspiration to me. We just celebrated 49 years of marriage.. Most sincerely,

  43. Nancy Says:

    WooHoo!!! Good for you! At 71 years young and starting a new career is awesome! I am so proud of you.

    I do know it is hard to fight the pain while remaining positive.

    I feel like God has led me right here to inspire others who have gone through what I have, so thank you for inspiring me even more.

    And, congratulations on 49 years of marriage. You don’t hear of that too often those days!

    God Bless, Nancy

  44. Linda Says:

    Nancy, Hi! Found your website last night and ordered a wreath. They look beautiful. I have done arrangements, wreaths, and beading for several years now and started while my mother was dying for stress relief. But I found one day my garage full of arrangements and nowhere to sell them. So through the years as I make things I just give them away. I love working with my hands and listening to music. I just need to do this and my husband has suffered with fibromyalgia for the last 8 yrs. as well. We will celebrate 46 years next week. I feel so sorry for him and we have seen so many Drs.and he takes quite a few meds also.

    I would love to come and meet you and take a one or two day class but I don’t know if I have the energy or I’m too old. Or we’ve just been through so much recently.

    Thanks for your time. And the very best of luck to you and your beautiful family.

  45. Nancy Says:

    Thank you so much Linda for your sweet comment.

    You are NEVER too old to learn more about your gift. Who knows, you may be able to come to one of my classes one day. I would certainly enjoy having you here.

    Hope your husband gets better! I am so sorry to hear of that.

    Blessing and Prayers… Nancy

  46. Diane Fischer Says:

    Nancy, let me first say that I feel blessed to have found your website!! As a cancer survivor, I have listen to many people share there story about their lives. You are the first to touch me so deeply!! Thanks! I have recently started my own wreath making business, have not opened my shop yet. But after listening to your encouraging words I’m moving forward. Believe me, I will be in touch with you as a mentor, personally and professionally!!
    May God continue to bless you and your family!

  47. Jane Brand Says:

    Hello Nancy,
    I found you on YouTube and fell in love with your talent, soft reassuring tone. I am at a cross road finishing up a long and good career in real estate and wondering how I can keep busy and do something creative with the rest of my days. I do believe God put you in my path at this time. I have always loved to make bows and decorate for the holidays, but only for my family. Now I would like to use that passion for art, love and appreciation of nature to spread some smiles to others. Thank you for sharing…you have a long blog and usually I would have clicked off by now, but I read and was inspired by every word. Thank you and may God continue to bless you and your precious family… and keep the videos going, I love visiting with you.

  48. Nancy Natale Says:

    Hi Nancy! Thank you so much for your
    wonderful newsletter that I discovered
    today via you tube. You are such an
    inspiration to me! I have been making wreaths for 22 years since I had my first son. (I now have six…sons that is…lol) 22 down to 3! It has been such a blessing to be a stay at home mom and do something with the love I have for decorating and designing.
    I have been selling at a local consignment shop and in 2012 I started an Etsy shop. It has been going well, although my hope is that it would do better. If you have any tips for me I would greatly appreciate it.
    Thank you again for sharing your story and being such an inspiration! I truly sense that this is a divine connection! Blessings to you and your family!!! Nancy

  49. Stephanie Says:

    Nancy – I’m not sure you will ever receive a message from a Messianic, but that is me. I am a Jewish lady who accepted precious Yeshua Jesus as Messiah Savior. He is my Precious Redeemer. Seven years ago, my family’s world came crashing in, and we suffered. Today I am an ordained pastor, a college certified counselor for families and for post-abortion, and have two degrees; a Bachelor’s in Ministry and the same in Biblical Studies. Wreaths. Whoever would have DREAMED that a simple circle would have brought you – and much of the world – so much JOY. But think of it: the circle of complete happiness: G-d, family, and YOU !!! You are a courageous lady, Nancy – not being timid or fearful of telling the world about your love of G-d, about your faith in Christ, and about your passion for family. It is no wonder that you have been favored with success – you are G-d’s megaphone, and He is honoring you as you have so brilliantly honored Him.
    Please pray for me and for my family. My husband and I divorced, but I am believing in restoration for my marriage. We are together every, single day and love one another. Divorce is not an obstacle for our L-rd – just as your illness was not too big for Him to conquer through Christ and your faith. I love candles.

  50. Vanessa Says:

    Hi Nancy,
    I found your website on Pinterest. While your creations are beautiful, it was your backstory that truly inspired me, as I can relate somewhat. I’ve been an interior decorator, and home stager for a little over 10 years. This year I haven’t worked at all. Several months ago, I fell very ill, and got progressively worse. I was diagnosed with Lupus on my 40th birthday in September. I also have chronic daily migraine, and possible fibromyalgia – still many tests ahead for me. It’s very disheartening to lock away your passions and become a slave to unrelenting, and unpredictable chronic pain that robs you of your day to day life. I don’t make commitments anymore for fear of canceling, and the simplest of activities wear me out. I sure miss the little things that are often taken for granted or altogether disliked! Like cleaning, laundry, cooking, running errands, etc. I’m still in the early stages of treatment, but your story and optimism gives me hope, and to put it simply, makes me happy. I truly believe that I’ll one day have my old self back. I most likely will never be 100%, but I’m ok with that. I want to be that happy, inspired, and artistic person that thrives on creating decor for myself and my clients! Of course most of all, I want to enjoy my family again, and not be the “ghost” in our home that is seldom seen.
    I hope my story turns out like yours.
    Wishing you much luck and good health in the coming new year!

  51. Gayle Says:

    Hi Nancy, I read your Bio and you are Here!! I live in Northlake! My Daughter-in law also has the gift of wreath making and I have tried to encourage her to sell her work. It us such a beautiful way to expressyyour inner self. She has one for every season holiday and just around the house. She’s a stay at home Mom and I would love for you two to meet. Maybe you can give her that Nudge..Hope to hear from you soon.God Bless. .Gayle

  52. Linda475 Says:

    Thanks Gayle for the feedback! Have your daughter join Nancy’s newsletter. She will get some ideas and inspiration!

  53. Patti Says:

    Hi Nancy,
    I recently purchased your Secret Vendors List that included the extra free ebooks. Excellent material for any business that uses floral’s and accessories. I’m a Rustic twig and barnwood designer, Fine Art Instructor Painter and MnemeTherapist with the AWB Organization. I’m starting up a Wreath Designing Business to help support my efforts to work with Children and Adults with Brain disorders that are caused by Poor Diet,Nutrition and Disease from the All American Diet. While working in a Nursing home for a year and studying the Art Without Boundaries Program I needed a way to help support my personal business venture and here it is. Thank you!!
    I thought with so many nursing home and assisted living resident families purchasing wreaths this would be a great way to support the business and myself.
    With already being chemical free with personal care and cleaning products and seeing My parents deaths related to celiac,ulceritive colitis and bowel desease I took a further into the foods we choose to eat over what we need for ultimate health and found I have a wheat intolerance and allergy myself. What a difference it makes to change your the way we eat from the ASD and eliminate all white products and eat as organic as possible. I enjoyed reading your profile and life story. Thank you for seeing the importance of sharing your story and Wreath Information to help others. May God Bless you and Keep you.
    Patti CMT, AI4E1 Instructor

  54. Sherry Says:

    Hi Nancy,
    It is such a pleasure to meet you. First of all, I too believe we are mean’t to share our struggles in life when we find the light at the end of the tunnel. After reading your story today, there are so many similarities I could have almost sighed my name. I am so happy to hear how much better you feel. I have had Fibro. for 14 years; however, I don’t even consider myself sick anymore. Like you, I would not give up looking for answers, and my doctors would not drug me unless the pain was a 9 or 10. We should be proud of being strong and determined. I knew God didn’t not want me sick the rest of my life.
    This May is my 40th wedding anniversary. We have 2 children, boy and girl, and 4 granddaughters. Twins are in the middle. Yes so many blessings to be thankful for and keep living each day to the fullest.
    Nancy, I am artistic as well. I paint with oils, make greeting cards, make wreaths for my pleasure and to share. I love to garden. I am an interior designer as well. Not working anymore.
    I LOVE your wreaths. Thank you for the instructional videos! Also, can I buy ribbons and the artificial greenery, flowers through you? I did not see them on this sight, but maybe I am missing something.
    Again, thank you for sharing your story and May God Bless You. Sherry

  55. Nancy Says:


    Thank you so much for sharing your story with me! I love your positive attitude and obvious joy! It’s so fun to “meet” a creative person like you! Yes, you can buy ribbons, flowers and greenery from me! These items are “LadyBug Certified” and given my stamp of approval! Click here: to find the amazing products we sell! Thank you Sherry! And God bless! Nancy

  56. Sue Seward Says:

    Nancy I came across your website on WOBC (Women Owned Business Club from Facebook).

    Your story is almost the exact replica of mine except my husband and I have been married 36 years and we have two grown boys not married yet and no gran children yet. :) We’re 61 and 63. As I was reading your story it felt I was reading my own story of battling and overcoming chronic illness for over 15 plus years!

    Isn’t it wonderful how God brings people together at the right moment in time?

    Looking forward to connecting with you soon and sent for your Wreath instructions and newsletter and will check the Wreaths on your site as well!

    Founder Gluten Free Lady

  57. Nancy Says:

    Thanks for your comment Sue. I am happy to hear that you found me on WOBC. It really is wonderful how God brings us together at just the right time, to share and encourage each other. I also look forward to connecting with you. I see that you signed your comment “Gluten Free Lady”. That’s me!!

    God Bless, Nancy

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