Fall Wreaths


Take a look at the beautiful FALL WREATHS below which have already found happy homes.


We may no longer have the exact same materials you see in your favorite wreaths above, but we can certainly design a wreath just for you that will have the same look and feel as any of your favorites.

At Ladybug Wreaths.com, we pride ourselves in our selections of fresh mosses harvested in the mountains of North Carolina, as well as our exclusive, hand-made wild birch wreaths, and rolls of fresh honeysuckle vines. We LOVE to use colorful blooms, blossoms, and berries mixed in with our birdhouses and sweet birds to adorn each and every door wreath we design or create just for you. And, we certainly love using “critters” such as bumblebees, frogs, grasshoppers, ladybugs, bumblebees, and butterflies.

In each and every outdoor wreath creation, you’ll always find a large mix of greens such as airy leaf stems, ivy, and grasses in many sizes, ferns, and lots of other greens. We always try to keep a wide selection of supplies in many different types, styles, as well as many different colors and types of ribbons. And, we LOVE using preserved mushrooms, along with real-looking bird nests in our “wild & woodsy” door wreaths.

Our Ladybug Wreath Designers will be happy to design a very special door wreath for you and your home. We have many wreath ideas and are always more than happy to work with you when placing your order! Thanks for looking! Smiles, ~ Nancy~

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Samples of Wreaths Which Have Already Sold


Email Nancy: nancy@ladybugwreaths.com
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5 Responses to “Fall Wreaths”

  1. Judy Kelley Wadleigh Says:

    Do you sell your Teacup wreaths wholesale. i would love to sell them in my Tea House

  2. brenda goins Says:

    where can i buy the wreath no.16

  3. Nancy Says:

    Hi Judy, No, I’m sorry, but I don’t sell any custom wreaths wholesale. But they really would be GREAT in a Tea House!

    Smiles… Nancy

  4. Nancy Says:

    Hi Brenda,

    I need just a little more information from you. Are you looking in the Spring/Summer wreath section, Fall, or Christmas.

    All of the pictures of wreaths you see on those pages are wreaths which have already been shipped to homes. But if there is one you like, we’ll try our best to duplicate it for you.

    If you would, just send me an email: nancy@ladybugwreaths.com telling me exactly which one you’re looking at.

    Thanks! Nancy

  5. Alice Ritter Says:

    We just moved into this house, we have a family room, big family room that was added on. Right above a large double window is a nice big space, waiting for a warm welcome style wreath. The space available is about 3’x 3′, my colors in the L. room, brown, golds, tan, and blue, I would like something for year around. Love the birdhouses, hummingbirds and flowers w/moss, all would be awesome, can you give me an idea in a cost for that, we are in Gettysburg, PA

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