Deco Mesh Christmas Wreath



Brilliant, Eye-Catching, Glittering DECO MESH Christmas Door Wreath! Now on sale for $19.97!!

90-Minute video filled with exciting ideas and instructions.

There are close-up shots of each and every step just for you! I don’t leave out a single step!

  • As in ALL of my Instructional Videos, I show you in step-by-step, detailed instructions on how YOU can make a wreath just like this one.
  • I use 2 different colors of Deco Mesh, two different types of ribbon for bows and loops spread throughout, and lots of different fillers and Christmas balls!
  • This wreath had a “WOW FACTOR” of at least a 10!!!
  • Every single thing I use is filled with metallic, glistening, and glittering threads.
  • This Beautiful Wreath practically glows in the dark.

This is a different type of video than the DVDs you have purchased from me before… Oh, the video is still of excellent quality, of course, and the information you receive in this video is filled with my “very best” ideas.  But, I wanted this video to be accessible to you immediately – which means: No figuring out how to download it to a slow computer No trying to save a huge file on a computer that is already full No trying to download! And, I did not want you to have to order a DVD and then wait to receive it.

Here is a sneak peak:

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