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Honeysuckle is an essential element to all my Ladybug Wreath Designs! (It is the lighter colored loops and curls you see in all my wreaths.) Using this in your own “Wild & Woodsy” wreaths gives them a look like none other!  This unique, fresh product will make your designs stand out FAR above the rest!

🐞 Would you like to give a natural look to all your creations with real honeysuckle vine just like I do?  The same woman who hand-ties my wild birch wreaths also harvests honeysuckle vines for me. I’ve been buying from her for around thirty years!

You’ll find there is a lot on these rolls.  But, I can’t measure them by the length because some vines are thicker than others so you might get less feet/yards on a roll. Also you may find that you get more feet/yards on a roll with thinner vines. When I get out one of these rolls to use, I can usually get enough loops and curls to add to 8 or 10 wreaths.

I love using the loops and curls from my vines to hold clay pots, bird houses, and other items into my wreaths.  Trust me! That makes them really secure!

Honeysuckle can also be used in arrangements and even in Christmas trees!!  Actually, it looks awesome in 2 to 7 foot Christmas trees. I always cover my trees used in my pergola with lots of honeysuckle.

I came up with the idea of using freshly harvested honeysuckle vines in my wreaths and floral designs over thirty years ago. I really like the “wild & natural” look as well as the lighter wood contrast that this gives my wreaths. If you’ve followed me for any length of time, then you know that I’ve become known for my “wild & woodsy” wreaths.

For years, I searched for something which would curl out from my designs giving them a different shape. I wanted my wreath designs to look like they had actually grown in the woods. With this fresh honeysuckle vine, you can make many loops and curls radiating out of your arrangement. It is so very easy to tuck the ends right into your wreath, and anchor them in with a pipe cleaner, blue and then a pinch of sheet moss. Yours will look like none other! The smaller loops of the vine can also make a wonderful spot to anchor your sweet bird’s nest with a bird perched on the side.

The possibilities are endless with honeysuckle vine. You can be really creative as you make loops to hold and anchor just about anything into your wreath.

Personally, I wouldn’t want to make a wreath without it if at all possible.

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Eugenia P.

I did receive the Honeysuckle vines. Thank you so much. This is not a "review" but an explanation report.....I have been dealing with the latest Hurricane to hit the Gulf Coast and I have not been able to "get into" wreath making for last several days. But I hope to do so very soon. Thank you for the order I am sure I will enjoy using the product.

Lauren L.

It has worked out fine, but I wish it wasn’t quite so expensive .

Lori H.
Honeysuckle Vine

This is the second time I have ordered Honeysuckle vine from Ladybug Wreaths. Both times I have been very happy. It’s nice quality and will add that special touch to my wreaths. Shipping was fast. Can’t wait to use it!!!

Marynell A.
Honeysuckle Vine

Quick Shipping! Can't wait to make wreaths with the honeysuckle vine!

Elaine L.

Great, received it sooner than expected. I will definitely reorder. Thank you.

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