Nancy's Bow Making Recipe



Have You Ever Searched These Questions?

  • How to tie a bow?
  • Step by step guide for making a bow?
  • How to make a Christmas bow with Ribbon?
  • What is the best way to tie a bow?
  • How to make a classic bow?

This “Bow Recipe” will answer all those question and you’ll learn to make a beautiful “NANCY” bow.

Story Behind The Recipe!

Many years ago, I could never learn how to tie a bow. I watched others making theirs but it was hard to learn and they just weren’t pretty. That’s when I decided I needed to figure out how to tie a bow on my own, which I did!

Years later, as I started teaching bow-making lessons in my storefront business, I noticed each week that students were really struggling. I finally realized I was going to have to come up with my own instructions to make bow making really easy for newbies! This is how I came up with my own bow-making recipe for “Nancy Bow”.

My Bow Recipe shows you in step by step, numbered instructions a way that will not fail! Each streamer and loop is numbered so you won’t get lost; you’ll know exactly where and when to add each loop or streamer!

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