Nancy's Bow Making Recipe



Have You Ever Searched These Questions?

  • How to tie a bow?
  • Step by step guide for making a bow?
  • How to make a Christmas bow with Ribbon?
  • What is the best way to tie a bow?
  • How to make a classic bow?

This “Bow Recipe” will answer all those question and you’ll learn to make a beautiful “NANCY” bow.

Story Behind The Recipe!

Many years ago, I could never learn how to tie a bow. I watched others making theirs but it was hard to learn and they just weren’t pretty. That’s when I decided I needed to figure out how to tie a bow on my own, which I did!

Years later, as I started teaching bow-making lessons in my storefront business, I noticed each week that students were really struggling. I finally realized I was going to have to come up with my own instructions to make bow making really easy for newbies! This is how I came up with my own bow-making recipe for “Nancy Bow”.

My Bow Recipe shows you in step by step, numbered instructions a way that will not fail! Each streamer and loop is numbered so you won’t get lost; you’ll know exactly where and when to add each loop or streamer!

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    Tracy M.
    US US
    Bow assistance

    I appreciate the detail instructions for bow making. I found it very easy to follow along and the pictures were very helpful.

    Alice D.
    US US
    Could not download

    I could not get it to download but I am sure it will be very good. Please refund my money if possible. Thank you

    Kaye K.
    US US
    Easy bow making

    Perfect instructions

    Eugenia P.
    US US
    Bow Making Recipe

    Enjoyed it very much. Thank you!

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