Sunflower Meadow Wreath

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I am Sure You Would LOVE to Learn How to Design This XXL, Full & Colorful “Sunflower Meadow Door Wreath”!

I KNOW that you will LOVE this double downloadable video set with over two (2) hours of instructions!

I start at the very beginning with a sixteen-inch “wild birch” wreath, and lots of thick loops of freshly harvested honeysuckle vine!   You won’t believe how much honeysuckle I use in this one — and do you know why?  Well, this is really funny!  I’m sure if you have followed me at all, or even watched any of my videos, then you know I like things to be worn, and distressed…peeling paint and all!  And, I really wanted a cute, but well worn, birdhouse in my wreath, so I took one out of my yard.

Birds hadn’t used it in years because it had been filled with nest after nest after nest.  They couldn’t get in it anymore, and there was no way to get it all out.  My hubby had sprayed inside it a few months ago to make sure there were no bugs in it… So, I found the PERFECT place for my precious birdhouse. This was a larger birdhouse than I usually use, so, in this 2-hour video, I explain in great detail how I got it anchored in this beautiful wreath.  It is anchored so securely that it will NEVER come out!  I show you how to use large stems of sunflowers, and one stem isn’t even cut off… I have just twisted it around, and let it curl out of the wreath.

Two stems of gorgeous orchids with the large, full leaves are tucked into both sides, and I also add a couple of red hydrangeas underneath the birdhouse.  And, of course, I couldn’t leave out the “hot and trendy” wired burlap bows which are in two different spots.  These really are so popular now!

  • As in ALL of my Instructional Videos, I show you in step-by-step, detailed instructions on how YOU can make an amazing door wreath similar to the one above.
  • Follow along with me as I experiment to see where each stem, loop, and filler would show to it’s very best.
  • When I am filming a video for you, I make sure that I explain each step just as if you have no knowledge about the wreath-making process at all, so, even if you are totally new to floral design and wreath making, I am sure you can do this.
  • I take my time, and explain about the tools I use, such as wire cutters, glue gun, wired picks, pipe cleaners, and floral tape.
  • I recommend that you watch the video all the way through at least once before purchasing your supplies.  That will make it so much easier for you when you are shopping.
  • There is one very important thing I want you to remember…and that is… “I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT”.  As a matter of fact, I KNOW you can!

I don’t leave out a single step, so Make Sure You Don’t Miss This Amazing Value Today!

NOTE: This is a digital product and you will be taken to the download page after successful payment. This video is accessible to you immediately – which means: No figuring out how to download it to a slow computer No trying to save a huge file on a computer that is already full No trying to download, if you still have dial-up (yes, some do) And, I did not want you to have to order a DVD and then wait to receive it

Here is a “sneak peak” from this amazing one hundred and thirty-minute video. It is filled with exciting ideas and instructions, and close-up shots of each and every step just for you!


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