Wildflower Wall Basket Vol 1 & 2 - Front Door Wall Basket

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Wouldn’t it be Fun to Create This Gorgeous Front Door Wall Basket Using Guaranteed Simple and Proven Techniques! 

Learn to make this front door wall basket! As with all my products…You have my “Personal Guarantee”!
You’ll be making your own beautiful wall baskets in no time!

Let me teach you to design this gorgeous arrangement. The first volume is 60 minutes and the second one is 45 minutes.

We will have SO much fun making this XL Wildflower Wall Basket together!
Wall baskets are different and unique.  They look great in place of a door wreath, or hanging in your home.  You and I will have fun working side by side. You’ll feel just like I am right there with you, as you fill your basket with foam, greenery, and many flowers.

Want to stop searching for a wall basket or floral wreath that suits your home, your style, and your decor, while NEVER quite finding the right one?

You can learn to make a beautiful WILDFLOWER WALL BASKET for your front door right along with me!  In doing so, I promise that you’ll never have the above problem again!  In learning to make a wall basket, we’ll start with one of my “Wild Birch” or “Twig” baskets made by the young woman who makes my wreaths.   You get to watch and learn as I add a large mix of greens as well as flowers that drape out of the basket.

As you are viewing my video, and listening to my instructions, you’ll find how easy it is to just pause the video and implement the step that I just talked about.  Start and stop your video as many times as necessary, so that you can follow along beside me at your speed. I recommend that you watch the video all the way through as I will tell you what items you need to purchase.

Benefit from my own teaching experiences which led me to develop many tips and techniques making the entire design process so much easier.  It really does not matter if you are a newbie, or have had some experience in floral design.  In each video, I teach as if you have never made any type of floral wreath, wall basket or other design before.

PLEASE WORK ALONG WITH ME AS WE BOTH DISCOVER YOUR UNIQUE STYLE… This is my own personal goal for you as you learn how to make a wildflower wall basket!!


As a Matter of Fact…I Guarantee You Can!

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